About Company
DreamsSoftware.co.uk provide everything from web design, domain registration and web hosting services.

DreamsSoftware.co.uk is one of the leading web solutions provider located at Leicester, England (UK). DreamsSoftware.co.uk is also known as YourWebCoders.com introduced in 2001.

DreamsSoftware.co.uk is becoming the most popular internet services destination for all your needs. We provide everything from web designs, internet marketing tools, domain names, email addresses and powerful web hosting services.

We aim to provide you the best satisfaction, with our state-of-the art services and expertise.

How We Work

At DreamsSoftware.co.uk, we know that not everyone is an IT expert, Every web development project is handled through our IT expert team and tested in real time.


Step-1 ( Requirement Analysis )
Step-2 ( Basic Design )
Step-3 ( User Acceptance Test )
Step-4 ( Implementation )
Step-5 ( Maintenance )

Why Us

knowledge, fresh vision, bespoke, experience, on budget, on time, support.


Our Team

At DreamsSoftware.co.uk, We are always ready to assist you.


Mr. Krishna Mehta
email: krishnamehta@DreamsSoftware.co.uk
call: +44 7955540007


Mr. Vrajesh Parekh
email: vrajeshparekh@DreamsSoftware.co.uk
call: +91 9408012345